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Patch Notes

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Update 17 Release Notes & Known Issues

New Region: Old Anórien
Explore the besieged city of Minas Tirith, ancient seat of the Kingdom of Gondor. Outside the fortress city, the Enemy has broken through the walls of Pelennor Field, and their forces now assemble and prepare for the assault to come. North of those broken walls, in the countryside of Talath Anor, yet more hosts of the Enemy bear down upon Gondor. It is from here that Gondor hopes and watches for the coming of the Rohirrim. And while they wait, a young lord of Caer Andros finds himself beset by fierce bearded Easterlings, known as the Suhalar.

Two New Epic Battles
Experience Sauron’s first assault on Minas Tirith through two new Epic Battles. In The Defence of Minas Tirith (solo/duo and three player), the foes make their first foray, marshalling great siege towers and the elements of fear and dread against Minas Tirith’s seemingly impenetrable walls. Then, in The Hammer of the Underworld (solo/duo and six player), fight to hold the city gates against the great siege ram Grond—and the Witch-king of Angmar himself!

These Epic Battles feature thirteen exciting secondaries, including Epic Foes, with “soft” failure conditions that end only when the wave ends. Victory boxes for these battles contain roughly 50% more Supreme essences than prior Epic Battles and, for the main quests, grant three times as many Stars of Merit. With this update, Epic Battle Promotions have been raised from 236 to 256.

Epic Volume IV, Book 4: Siege of the White City
The city of Osgiliath has fallen to the enemy, and now you must flee with its defenders across the plain to Minas Tirith. Prepare for the coming siege with Gandalf the White, Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth, and Denethor, the Steward of Gondor, as the armies of Sauron move to destroy Gondor. This thirteen-chapter Epic Book is a new on-ramp to the story, so you can play through it without having played the previous Books… but it is recommended that you play the adventure to this point for maximum context.

  • Hope Tokens now have a 3-minute cooldown, instead of 15 minutes.
  • Fixed a problem which would cause many instances' drama to pause for 5 minutes before restarting again. This should resolve a number of frozen instances throughout the game.
  • In the III.3.7 instance, 'Attack on Zudrugund' Corunir began floating. Now he's a little more down-to-earth.
  • The III.2.15 instance, 'An Echo of Days Past,' has been added to the Enedwaith Reflecting Pool
  • Fixed a long-standing issue with the obelisks in the I.5.8 instance 'Fire and Ice.
  • The Dome of Stars, The Ruined City, and The Sunken Labyrinth now all give 1 Morgul Crest upon completion of the tier 2 instance. This is in addition to any Morgul Crests from the tier 2 Challenge chest.
  • Epic Battles - fixed merit progress display for some of the secondary quests which used to not show any progress at all.
  • The victory boxes for the Defense of Minas Tirith and Hammer of the Underworld Epic Battles have roughly 50% more Supreme Essences, on average, than the victory boxes for other Epic Battles.
  • The class item traders in Glan Vraig now trade Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment for Commendations. Check the Legendary Items (Level 100) section on your class trader to find them.
  • The cap on Epic Battle promotion points has been raised from 236 to 256.
  • The main quest reward boxes for the Minas Tirith Epic Battles give three times as many Stars of Merit as other reward boxes.
  • Morgul Crests can now be exchanged for Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment, at a rate of 5 Crests per Scroll.
  • The mark and medallion acquisition rates for the Sambrog and Glinghant instances were unintentionally high. The mark and medallion acquisition rates for these instances have been sharply reduced.
  • Level-scaled players should no longer lose their scaling buff when teleporting between Ettenmoors and Osgiliath.
  • In the Battle for Osgiliath, Creep NPCs have less Morale and Freep NPCs have more.
  • Sometimes Bingo was trying to climb the Stocktower and getting stuck inside it. Now he should do a better job staying on the ledge!
  • Bingo will no longer float when he's standing on the Brandywine Bridge.
  • All 6-man and 12-man Roving Threats now have a chance to drop Morgul Crests.
  • Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment and Star-lit Crystals have been added to the Merit Commitee barter NPCs for 250 and 500 Stars of Merit, respectively.
  • Monsters from level 99 and up may now drop tier 9 and tier 10 crafting materials.
  • There's a new option that allows you to control the opacity of floating names on the UI Settings options page.
  • Added an audio option to disable combat music. When checked, landscape music plays uninterrupted by combat.
  • You should more consistently be able to hear in-game music (music will no longer go silent when crossing into a new zone).
  • A handful of tweaks have been made to the player music system: Bagpipe notes should no longer clip, the Misty Mountain Harp has had its note lengths slightly shortened, and the Theorbo's seven highest notes should now sound more like a Theorbo.
  • The store now has a minimum width of 600px to prevent the scrollbar from disappearing.
Cosmetic Weapons
  • You can now turn off your weapons when they are sheathed by clicking the new eye icons in the cosmetic outfit page. In combat, the weapons will reappear.
  • Cosmetic weapon visibility rules have been loosened. We have set up a number of categories of items that can be interchanged with each other: all one-handed weapons (including cosmetic-only items), all shields, two-handed clubs/swords/implements, and two-handed hammers/axes/halberds. All other categories (such as Staff, Spear, etc) can only be interchanged with other staffs, spears, etc.You can no longer waste a dye trying to dye shields in the wardrobe.
  • Shields and weapons should again appear at their normal size.
  • When using a fishing pole, you now can only have another fishing pole cosmetically equipped.
  • Crafters now have access to a tenth crafting tier: the Anórien crafting tier. Crafters of this tier can use Poplar, Anórien Skarn, Zircon, and Tattered Anórien Parchments to craft items for level 100 characters.
  • All crafting nodes can now be harvested while mounted.
  • All crafting materials stack to 500.
  • There is no longer a distinction between Vegetable, Grain, and Pipe-weed Farmlands. There is now only one kind of Farmland.
  • East Gondor craft nodes have been replaced with the tier 10 craft nodes also found in Old Anórien.
  • Monsters from level 99 and up may now drop tier 10 crafting materials. This affects the loot drops of landscape monsters in the older regions of Belfalas, Central Gondor, and Eastern Gondor.
  • Crafting nodes in the Ettenmoors have been upgraded to tier 10.
  • Tier 10 crafting materials now drop from various level 99+ containers and mobs
Imbued Legendary Items
  • DPS / Main Item Legacies have been granted 4 more available tiers and can unlock an additional 4.
  • Imbued stat Legacies have been granted 6 more available tiers and can unlock an additional 3.
  • All other imbued legacies have been granted 3 more available tiers and can unlock an additional 6.
  • Imbued Burglar Tools and Champion Runes have significantly more Incoming Healing Rating.
Class changes

  • Beornings now have access to Bows.
  • The Beorning Club-damage trait now applies to axes as well.
  • Beornings with more than 100 Wrath should gain +15% Crit Chance from the Wrathful trait, instead of +0%.
  • Burglar's Gamble Chance Legacy now gives Cash Out Damage after tier 35.
  • Muster Courage Fear Resist now grants Shield/Song/Blade-brother Critical Defence after Tier 35.
  • Champion Horns can no longer miss. They can still be resisted.
  • Swift Strike/Swift Blade Power Cost has a maximum tier of 38.
  • Guardian's Pledge Cooldown now gives Retaliation Damage after Tier 35.
  • Guardian's Pledge Magnitude now gives Shield Swipe Damage after tier 35.
  • Turn the Tables Cooldown now gives Turn the Tables Damage after tier 35.
  • Strength Quick Shot Slow now gives more chance to get extra Focus after tier 35.
  • Quick Shot Critical Chance now gives more Quick Shot critical damage after tier 35.
  • Signs of Power Durations now grants Signs of Power Debuff Rating after Tier 35.
  • Call to Ioreth now grants +5% critical magnitude to healing skills, in addition to making the next healing skill automatically a critical hit.
  • Cry of the Chorus Cooldown now grants Ballad Critical Magnitude after Tier 35.
  • Triumphant Spirit Cooldown now grants Triumphant Spirit Critical Magnitude after Tier 35.
  • Rally Cooldown now grants Major Ballad Healing after Tier 35.
  • Anthem Duration now grants Melee Skills Critical Rating after Tier 35.
  • Still as Death Cooldown now grants Song of Distraction Cooldown after Tier 35.
  • Call to Ioreth Cooldown now grants Call to Ioreth Healing Skills Critical Magnitude after Tier 35.
  • Healing Attuned Power Cost now grants Revive Morale and Power Restoration after Tier 35.
  • Battle Attuned Power Cost now grants Chill of Winter Target Resistance penalty after Tier 35.
  • Steady Attuned Power Cost now grants Armour of the Elements Tactical Mitigation after Tier 35.
  • Wardens will now animate properly when using the Taunt skill when unarmed.
  • All Warden bleeds can now be cured with Wound or Cry potions, as appropriate.
Update 17 Known Issues

  • Graphics Settings - Teleporting between Minas Tirith interiors/exteriors/Epic Battles can cause out of memory crashes when playing on High/Very High/Ultra High graphics settings for some users.
  • Hammer of the Underworld - Grond briefly teleports rather than smoothly pathing
  • Pelennor - Debris blocks passage from Osgiliath into the Pelennor; instead, the Pelennor can be entered through a hole in the Rammas Echor at Harlond
  • Tower of Orthanc - During the battle with Saruman the color purple isn't appearing as it should
  • Minas Tirith - When entering taverns (specifically the 'Wheel and Cask' and 'Mumak and Keep') the floor occasionally won't load properly causing you to fall through it; relogging fixes it.
  • Minas Tirith - There are no vendors in the besieged version of the city
  • Epic Book - V4B4C5 Beyond the Rammas - Killing ravaging wargs does not count towards the quest objective
  • Pelennor - Debris blocks passage from Osgiliath into the Pelennor; instead, the Pelennor can be entered through a hole in the Rammas Echor at Harlond
  • Moria - Travel route from Shadowed Refuge to Second Hall causes the goat to get stuck against a wall partway through
Update 17 Hotfix 2 Release Notes

  • We have made additional updates to Minas Tirith and the Pelennor Fields to improve performance.
  • Tier 2 non-challenge Osgiliath instance quests no longer drop Morgul Crests. Morgul Crest rewards will return to level 100 Tier 2 non-challenge Osgiliath instances in a future update.
  • The button that allows you to hide weapons when not in combat now functions for shields as well.
  • Enemies chance to resist damage-over-time pulses is now affected by the attacker's finesse.
  • Cisterns door on the Fourth Tier can now be used.
  • Dol Amroth floor tiles now have a pristine appearance again.
  • Warriors in Scouting the North-gate will stand in plain sight.
  • Fixed an issue where if you are incapacitated during the Banquet and the Breach, enemies behave oddly on your return.
  • Enabled teleport to npc for many more of the objectives in both the Children of Minas Tirith and Forlong's Feast quest arcs.
  • Duneth in The First Blade will speak to you when you complete the instance.
  • Thieves in the Opportunists quest will return to their proper places.
  • The Jal Vârsha NPCs will now always advance your quest when you speak to them.
  • Ravaging Wargs will now count for 'Book 4, Chapter 5: Beyond the Rammas'
  • Arador now writes the resolutions in 'The Council of Gondor' twice as fast as he used to. Less time waiting!
  • Quest text that refers to the Model of Minas Tirith no longer describes it as being on a table.
  • Floating posters are now properly attached to walls.
  • Fixed some bad text characters in passing lines from the children in front of the Old Guesthouse in Minas Tirith.
  • Retreating from Beseiged Minas Tirith or using Desperate Flight from the Wheel and Cask Tavern will no longer take you to Bree.
  • You will no longer see large fires in the distance when you wander through Minas Tirith.



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Update 17.1

  • Our art team has resolved several bugs with weapon effects appearing in an incorrect location or in a manner that conflicts with the cosmetically equipped weapon. However, in order for this fix to fully take effect you MUST UNEQUIP and RE-EQUIP all of your weapons. Until you do so, you will see effects that look like a ghost weapon
  • Lifetime subscribers should now correctly not see offers in the store which are not relevant to them.
  • Quests and Regions: A crafting guild hall has been added to Minas Tirth.
  • Now the door you use to enter the Cisterns for The Secret Passage is locked both inside and out, until you unlock it. No more stumbling out of the Cisterns and being unable to get back in!
  • In the first two Children of Minas Tirith quests, Bergil, Gelwen, and Glatham can no longer take harm, and thus not be defeated in combat. This circumvents an issue where resummoning them in the Secret Passage could result in a wrong assortment of Bergils, Gelwens, and Glathams.
  • A certain W.W.(прим. рысь Бинго Боффина) will now properly move on from the entrance to Rivendell, instead of staying there forever.
  • Fixed an issue where certain (primarily slayer-type) quests were missing Quest Guide information.
  • Identified a possible crash that could occur when returning to Character Select or exiting the game.
  • Examination tooltips for barring skills should no longer contain duplicate entries and correctly pluralize the word "skill".
  • Various Festival announcement quests have had their repeat timers changed and increased. Mostly notably, Hobnanigans is Here will now only bestow on a character once per week while the event is active.
  • The Essence of Nature's Roar now procs properly.
  • The Beorning skill Call to Wild properly decreases the cost of Composure and Hearten.
  • Store Tracking Tomes and Talismans no longer break stealth.
  • A number of level 45 class quest items have been made non-unique.
  • Some of the Bingo Boffin armour rewards have had their armour values rebalanced.
  • The Champion Weapon Master buff stays after being defeated.
  • Epic Battles - Helm's Dike - Powder at the Gates (Solo) - Waves of attackers should now always advance toward the gates.
  • Epic - A Relic in Lumul-nar (Solo) - The final puzzle is no longer required to finish this space in the abridged solo version. Destroying Gorothul's artifact will now open the path to Ergoth to complete this chapter of the Epic.
  • Epic Battles - Deeping Coomb - Searching the Debris - The quest should now be completable and it should be possible to receive Platinum.
  • Epic Battles - Glittering Caves (3-Player) - Civilian Defence - Quest should now complete properly and award Marks and Medallions at the proper time.
  • Epic Battles - Defence of Minas Tirith/Hammer of the Underworld - Siege-towers now have a minimap icon to alert you to where they are currently assaulting the wall.
  • Instances - Dome of Stars - The final respawn point is now on the bridge leading into the Dome. Respawns should no longer aggro you immediately when you spawn there.
  • Instances - Osgiliath - New Bounty Quests Added! Completing Sunken Labyrinth or Ruined City on Tier 2 at Level 100 will now award 1 Morgul Crest upon defeat of the final boss. Completing the Dome of Stars on Tier 2 at Level 100 will now award 2 Morgul Crests upon defeat of the final boss.
  • Library at Tham Mirdain - challenge chest now spawns in after defeating Boss but only if you don't defeat any crows until after you defeat the boss.
  • Minas Tirith - A few NPCs had varying appearances between the Epic, Minas Tirith proper, and the Epic Battles. They're all feeling back to normal now!
  • Some players were unable to get the "Bard" title (available from the play during Yule-fest). They should be able to get the title now.
  • Bound-to-account housing decoration items can now exist and be slotted in housing decoration slots without getting bound to character. Their tooltips will show the name of the player who placed the item as "Bound to <player>'s account".
  • Housing items that were bound to character are now bound to account. In addition, when an account-bound housing item is placed, it will say in the tooltip which character placed the item. For previously placed bound to character items, the owning character removing the item from the hook and placing it again will make the name of the character appear and will bind the item to the account.
  • Items bound to characters will now try to show the name of the character bound to. This is mostly useful for housing decorations - if the decoration was bound to a player who is on your account, friends list, or kinship, you will see the player's name when examining the slotted housing decoration, so that you know who it would be returned to. Note that bound-to-character housing decorations don't become bound-to-account until they hit the inventory of whoever slotted them.
  • Housing decorations should no longer make noise while in your inventory.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause map home skills to sometimes fail to work (but go on cooldown) from a housing neighborhood.
  • Barter vendors that give you items for mithril now have a button to go to the store to get more mithril if you don't have enough to barter for the item.
  • Crafted Tier 10 consumables used to show incorrect stats in their tooltip when shortcut on the quickslot bar. Newly-made shortcuts will now have correct stats. You'll have to remake old shortcuts to fix them.
  • In the Merry Swan in Minas Tirith, Lord Forlong's hair is now colored a proper raven black.
  • A Letter Belated: Lintanar has learned to keep his footing and should no longer fall through the floor.
Polish to Forlong's Feast quests:
- the flowers at the base of the statue are now all taken
- the hat is now resting somewhere sensible & interesting and not just on the ground
- added extra mithril travel for the objective to remember Authlin's song
- switched the color text for the councilor & the magistrate and posed them better
[English] Many misspellings and inconsistencies have been corrected. A few of the more obvious changes:
* Vests are now Waistcoats
* Jewelry is now Jewellery
* Armor is more consistently Armour

PvMP changes:

Creep morale pools have been increased.
Creep healing magnitude has been increased.
The length of the stun on the Warleader skill Shield Bash has been increased to 10 seconds.
The damage on the following Creep skills have been increased:

  • Sudden Strikes
  • Jagged Cut
  • Lacerate
  • Piercing Attack
  • Tainted Kiss
  • Lethal Kiss
  • Screaming Shafts
  • Flaming Arrow
  • Death Blossom
  • Intimidating Shout
  • Black Speech
  • Menacing Roar
  • Bestial Claws
  • Sudden Maul
  • Swipe
  • Fire Gourd
  • Headbreaker
  • Plague Gourd
Update 17.1 Hotfix Release Notes

  • Fishing Poles are now displaying properly for players.
  • Shoulders slot item colors no longer override dye colors on head slots.
  • Wargs should now cause less lag when coming out of stealth.
  • Doors that had stopped working should now be functioning again.
  • The bookcases in the Library at Tham Mirdain appear once more.
  • The quest Death From Above can once again be completed.
  • Blessing of the Valar now has a max level of 95.
Update 17.1.2 Hotfix Release Notes

  • We have fixed an issue that could cause The Defence of Minas Tirith instance to either not complete, complete early, not award credit, or not unlock Hammer of the Underworld.
  • Hammer of the Underworld – We have resolved an issue that was causing the instance to get stuck at 73.3%, with Grond at the gate.



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Update 17.2 Release Notes

Emote collection UI:
  • You can now see all emotes available to the free people of Middle-earth in the Collections Panel. In the new emote tab you can preview emotes, learn how to earn them, and perform emotes directly from this panel.
  • You can also drag emotes from this panel to your skill quickslots.
New Quests have been added in Minas Tirith:
  • A new public endgame space in the Cisterns is available.
  • New quests can be found near the Stone Theatre (in the northern 1st Tier), inside the Houses of Lore, inside the Houses of Healing, at the Citadel, at the Training Ground, and near the Baths of Belecthor (in the 4th Tier).
  • Stable travel options have been added in Minas Tirith.
  • If you have already completed all of his adventures, George at Sandson's Farm might just have a new one waiting in the wings.
Instances and Currency:
  • The barter costs for Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment have been decreased.
  • Sambrog is now a more challenging instance and the Mark and Medallion rewards for Sambrog have been increased.
  • Dol Amroth Endgame Tokens:
  • Dol Amroth currency reward boxes (Armoury Box, Great Hall Box, etc.) no longer grant tokens of other faction. Instead, they will only contain Silver Tokens of Dol Amroth and the token appropriate for that faction. For example, Great Hall boxes will only contain Silver Tokens and Great Hall Tokens.
  • You may now exchange different Dol Amroth currencies for one another at a 2:1 ratio. The Pets barter vendor in the Court of the Fount is now the Pets and Currency Exchange vendor. He will trade 10 Dol Amroth tokens of any kind (except Gold) in exchange for a box that will let you select 5 Dol Amroth tokens of another type.
  • Large and special furniture hooks now accept thin furniture.
  • All tree housing decorations now slot into small exterior hooks with the exception of Shire Oak Tree.
  • Gondorian candelabra lights when used.
  • Birch Trees now correctly use fall colors.
  • All MELEE mounted combat skills now do more damage (including melee auto-attack). Melee damage should be approximately doubled.
  • Lore-master: Sign of Power: Command and Sign of Power: See All Ends now correctly apply Force of Will and Enfeeble simultaneously.
  • Giant Eagle pets with the Sacrifice skill active should again properly revive their defeated masters.
  • Minstrel: Soliloquy of Spirit no longer has idle time preventing other skills after executing.
  • Hunter - Hail of Arrows trait should correctly reset the Rain of Arrows cooldown when Rain of Arrows crits when the Rain of Arrows skill is used immediately following the Focus skill at the start of combat
  • Champion: Devastating, Brutal, and Ferocious Strikes have shorter action durations. These skills should feel less 'clunky'.
  • Warden: Brink of Victory and Surety of Death can no longer be blocked, parried, or evaded, but can be resisted.
  • Burglar: Targets marked by "Coup De Grâce" should properly cause you to enter stealth on defeat.
  • Burglars now have a ranged mounted combat damage skill - The Red Dawn version of All in the Wrist is now a ranged skill

Other Changes:

  • You can now give your pets names with "-" in them.
  • The Flirt emote now plays flirt sound for all races.
  • The tooltip for crafted coffee items has been corrected to accurately reflect what has always been true - that the speed buff is out-of-combat run speed only.
  • A black dye recipe has been added to the Scholar's Guild recipe vendor.
  • The Westemnet crafting journal recipes available at the Minas Tirith Quartermaster and the Helmingas Quartermaster no longer require Helmingas reputation.
  • Reputation gain has been added to Norcroft and Entwash Vale repeatable quests!
  • Reputation has been added to Eastern Rohan Warbands!
  • Removed the Mithril Travel option from III.2.6, since using it could remove you from the dungeon incorrectly.
  • Billboards in 'Instance: A Restful Night' now echo properly to the chat log.
  • The physics on the prisoners in the I.12.6 instance was making them appear outside their cells.
  • Quest titles in Volume II Book 4 now properly contain their chapter prefixes.
  • Langhar's animation was breaking during 'Instance: Hatred of Bear and Man,' but now it has been fixed.
  • KINSHIPS: The Founder title will be properly granted to Kin Founders who have transferred shards along with their Kinships. If the Kin leader at time of transfer was not the Founder, but received the Founder title, they will lose it.
Update 17.2.1 Hotfix Notes

General Changes
  • Burgsmen's Tokens now go into the barter wallet correctly.
  • Defeat during the instance "Sparring in Minas Tirith" will now fail the instance quest, letting you speak to Harnion and start the instance again.
  • The Anorien Banner emote can now be acquired even if you already know the Boo! emote.
  • Swishing sounds have been removed from all of the dance emotes.
  • An errant tree has been removed from the road to Rivendell.
Known issue: Minas Tirith - Quest: To Catch a Thief – The Gondorian child does not move, however you can still complete the quest by finding the child’s hiding place.



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[Перевод] Изменения в обновлении 17.2

интерфейс - коллекции эмоций:
  • Теперь вы можете увидеть все Эмоции доступные для свободных народов Средиземья в Панели коллекций. В новой вкладке эмоция вы можете просмотреть эмоции, научиться их зарабатывать и выполнять эмоций непосредственно из этой панели.
  • Вы также можете перетащить эмоций из этой панели в ваши квикслоты.
  • Новые квесты были добавлены в Минас Тирит:
    • Новое общее квестовое пространство доступно в Цистернах.
    • Новые квесты можно найти возле каменного театра (на севере 1 уровня), внутри Дома Знаний, внутри Дома исцеления, в Цитадели, на полигоне, и рядом с Ванны Белектора (на 4-м уровне).
  • Конюшни  были добавлены в Минас Тирит.
  • Если Вы уже завершили все свои приключения, Джордж на ферме Сандсон, возможно еще одно новое ожидает в крыльях.
инстансы и вознаграждения:
  • была снижена стоимость для Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment.
  • Sambrog теперь более сложной экземпляр награда в виде марок и медальонов за Sambrog была увеличена.
  • Dol Amroth Endgame Tokens:
    • В настоящее время коробки вознаграждения в Дол Амрот (Оружейная, Банк, Большой зал коробка и т.д.) больше не предоставляют знаки другой фракции. Вместо этого, они будут содержать только серебряные жетоны Дол Амрота и токены, соответствующей фракции. Например, Большой зал коробки будет содержать только серебряные жетоны и токены Большого зала.
    • Теперь вы можете обменять различные токены Дол Амрота друг на друга в соотношении 2: 1. Обменник питомцев в настоящее время и обменник токенов. Он будет обменивать 10 токенов Дол Амрота любого вида (за исключением золота) на ящик, который позволит вам выбрать 5 токенов Дол Амрота другого типа.
  • Большой и специальная крючки для мебели теперь принимают тонкую мебель.
  • Все декорации деревьев для дома в настоящее время используют маленькие внешние крючки, за исключением Шире Дуба.
  • Гондорские канделябры загораются при использовании.
  • Березы теперь используют верные цвета осени.
  • Все мили боевые навыки сейчас наносят больший урон, в том числе ближнего боя (авто-атаки). Урон в ближнем бою увеличен примерно в два раза.
  • Lore-master: Sign of Power: Command and Sign of Power: See All Ends теперь корректно применяет Force of Will и Enfeeble одновременно.
  • Гигантский орел с Sacrifice с активным скилом должен снова правильно возрождать своего побежденные хозяина.
  • Менестрель: Soliloquy of Spirit больше не имеет времени простоя, предотвращая другие навыки после выполнения.
  • Охотник - Hail of Arrows должны правильно сбросить откат Hail of Arrows, когда дождь стрел критует, когда Hail of Arrows используется сразу после  навыка Focus в начале боя
  • Чемпион: Devastating, Brutal, and Ferocious Strikes имеют более короткую продолжительность действия. Эти навыки должны чувствоваться менее "неуклюжими".
  • Варден: Brink of Victory and Surety of Death нельзя блокировать, парировать или уклониться, но можно сопротивляться.
  • Взломщик: Цели, отмеченные "Coup De Grace" должны правильно ввести в стелс после поражения.
  • Взломщики теперь имеют дальний боевой скил - The Red Dawn версию All in the Wrist.
Другие изменения:
  • Теперь вы можете дать вашим домашним животным имена с "-" в них.
  • флирт эмоция играет сейчас флирт звук для всех рас.
  • Подсказка для крафтого кофе была исправлена, чтобы точно отражают то, что было всегда - что скорость бафф вне боевой скорости бега только.
  • Рецепт черного красителя был добавлен продавцу Гильдии ученых.
  • Рецепты Westemnet крафтовых журналов, доступные у Минас Тирит квартирмейстера и Helmingas квартирмейстера больше не требуется Helmingas репутацию.
  • Для получения репутация были добавлены в Norcroft и Entwash Vale повторяющиеся квесты!
  • Репутация была добавлена в варбанды Восточного Рохана!
  • Убрана опция мифрилового путешествия из III.2.6, поскольку это может с помощью вытащить вас из темницы неправильно.
  • Билборды в инстансе: «A Restful Nigh» в настоящее время правильно откликаются эхом журнале чата.
  • Физика на заключенных в I.12.6 выносила их за пределы своих камер.
  • Квестовые титулы в томе II Book 4 теперь правильно содержат их главы префиксы.
  • анимация Langhar прерывалась в "инстансе: Hatred of Bear and Man», но теперь она исправлена.
  • Содружества: Титул Основатель будет правильно предоставлен учредителю, перенесшемуся вместе с их содружеством. Если лидер содружества во время переноса не был основателем, но получил титул основателя, то они потеряют его.



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Перезапуск серверов | 3 Марта, четверг с 16:00 - 18:00 MSK UTC+3


Scheduled Server Downtime: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM Eastern (-5 GMT) Thursday, March 3rd

The LOTRO Game Servers will be brought down on Thursday, March 3rd from 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM Eastern (-5 GMT) for a maintenance restart. Thanks for your patience, and we'll see you back in the game soon!



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Перезапуск серверов | 10 Марта, четверг с 16:00 - 18:00 MSK UTC+3


Scheduled Server Downtime: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM Eastern (-5 GMT) Thursday, March 10rd

The LOTRO Game Servers will be brought down on Thursday, March 10rd from 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM Eastern (-5 GMT) for a maintenance restart. Thanks for your patience, and we'll see you back in the game soon!



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Update 18 Release Notes

12 апреля, вторник

Welcome to Far Anórien
Follow the Rohirrim out of Rohanand into through secret ways hidden within the Drúadan Forest. In the westerly Beacon Hills, aid Gondorians stationed in the fastness of Ost Rimmon and wade into the Mouths of the Entwash to behold the mighty Falls of Rauros. Follow the distant drumming into the ancient wood and encounter the Wose people, ancient crafters of the Púkel-men and sworn foes of Orc-kind.

Epic Story Books 5 and 6
Aid the armies of Rohan in Volume IV, Book 5, 'The Ride of the Rohirrim,' and help them find a safe road to Minas Tirith in time to defend their allies against the ravening hordes of Mordor. And in Volume IV, Book 6, 'The Battle of the Pelennor Fields,' take part in the final defence of Minas Tirith as the Witch-king of Angmar descends upon the field and many fates are decided…

Instance Cluster – Battle of the Pelennor Fields
Plunge into the thick of battle with a fellowship in three new instances: The Blood of the Black Serpent, The Quays of the Harlond, and the Silent Street
The Blood of the Black Serpent (Small Fellowship)
Ride with Théoden-king against the Haradrim and fight by his side as he slays their king. Mounted combat optional for portions of this battlefield instance.
The Quays of the Harlond (Small Fellowship)
Fly to join Aragorn and his men as they arrive on the Pelennor and turn the tide in Gondor’s favour in this second battlefield instance.
The Silent Street (Full Fellowship)
While the battle rages below, Denethor vies with Gandalf over the body of wounded Faramir. But they are not the only ones who have come to make claims and vie upon the Silent Street, mortuary path of stewards and kings!

The level cap has been raised!
You can now advance your character to Level 105! All scaling instances and skirmishes can now be played at level 105, however Epic Battles will remain capped at level 100 for now.

Featured Instances
Every week, one scaling instance or raid from a list of old favorites, will provide new chances at noteworthy prizes. The instance or raid, shown in a new bar on the Instance Join panel, can be played at level 100 and above (with mithril reset) to win Scrolls of Empowerment and new, cap level essences and pieces of equipment.

With Update 18, the rotating list includes: Halls of Night, Inn of the Forsaken, Ost Elendil, Sammath Gul, The Bells of Dale, and Ost Dunhoth – Wound and Fear Wing.

New Features
  • There's a new "PvMP Performance Override" option on the Graphics page. This option is turned on by default. With the option set, entering monsterplay areas will automatically set various advanced graphics and UI options to lower values temporarily to improve PvMP performance. Your settings will be restored up leaving monsterplay areas.
  • There are two new checkboxes in the social options panel which allow you to suppress effects from showing up in the Opponent Vitals panel. These function the same as the ones that suppress effects in the group vitals, allowing you to suppress effects that are non-dispellable or effects that aren't cast by you. Checking these boxes may improve your performance in the thick of combat.
  • There is a new option in advanced graphics "Avatar Texture Compositing". Disabling this option reduces facial details displayed in game and may improve client performance.
  • All housing neighbourhoods now contain Task boards. You can accept and complete every task at these boards.
Quests and Festivals
  • New dyes have been added to the seasonal festivals! Look for four new exclusive dyes available in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter festivals this year. In each festival, two of the new dyes will be available for festival currency, and two will be available for Mithril Coins. The dyes available for Mithril Coins this year will be available for festival currency next year, and vice versa.
  • The Glorious Beer-mug trophy is now available to barter during the Anniversary festival.
  • During seasonal festivals, festival tokens can now be bartered for each other by visiting the Token Exchange vendor at the Party Tree in Bywater.
  • Anfalas Star-lit crystals were added for barter to all festivals.
  • Legolas and Sigferth in III.13.1 shouldn't fall through the floor anymore.
  • Elladan's hair color should now match wherever he shows up in III.2.15.
  • The enemies in III.13.8 should no longer become un-attackable if the player vanishes during combat.
  • It should now be impossible to wedge yourself between the stairs and the red barrier wall during III.2.8.
  • The Grand Stair - Deed: The Followers of Igash - slaying White Hand Arrow and White Hand Shield Uruks now counts towards the deed
  • Thinned out some of the monsters in IV.1.12, 'The Shadow in Morthond,' since Rovalang was dying more often than a Swan-knight should.
  • Now you appear closer to Aragorn if you are defeated in IV.2.9, 'Even in Darkness'.
  • Magor will no longer get stuck during 'Return to Azanarukar'.
  • Landroval is now his appropriately majestic size during 'Enter the Easterlings.'
  • Willem Whisker is now the correct size during 'Enter the Easterlings' and 'Bingo's Burden.'
  • Reduced the timer on Bingo Week 27, 'Bingo's Scattered Thoughts' (from eight minutes to two).
  • A new Elf has come to Thangulhad, and he has some more readily-accessible advice for 'Second Breakfast.'
  • Minas Tirith Quests
    • In Days of Youth: moved flowers aside, so they don't compete with the plaque
    • Several Mendings: Lady Raenemel now has her feet firmly on the ground at all times
Combat and Skills
  • The effect of Block, Parry, and Evade ratings on your avoidance chance and partial avoidance mitigation have changed. The caps and rating contribution have all been modified so that you are much more likely to partially avoid an attack, and partial avoidances mitigate more damage, while your chance to fully avoid an attack is reduced.
  • Characters that wear medium armour will need less mitigation to reach their mitigation cap than heavy armour wearers do.
  • The formula for converting physical/tactical/ranged mastery to damage bonus percent has been changed to remove diminishing returns - you can now get more damage bonus for higher mastery points to a level-based cap. The mastery cap increases above level 100.
  • The Burglar's Daggery Mastery trait now improves dagger damage up to 5%.
  • All types of archers now advance the Captain deed "Precise Ally".
  • Champions specializing in The Martial Champion can now block with a 2-handed weapon.
  • Champions now get 5 points of Block per point of Might, and 3 points of Evade per point of Might.
  • Swift Blade now counts towards the Champion deed "Swift to Anger".
  • Guardian's Insult to Injury now grants 3% increased proc chance per rank.
  • Guardian's Pledge has been reduced to grant +20% to each avoidance.
  • Burglars now receive 5 Tactical Mastery for every point of Agility.
  • Rune-Keeper Flurry of Words can be used while moving.
  • Wardens specializing in Recklessness receive -50% outgoing healing.
  • Warden Light damage over time effects have had their magnitude decreased from level 92+.
  • Wardens now get 0 points of Tactical Mastery per point of Might, and 5 points of Physical Mastery per point of Might.
  • The Unique Gem of Faith and Unique Rune of Courage give less partial avoidance mitigation.
  • Anfalas Poison, Disease, Fear, and Wound draughts are now usable on effects up to level 110.
  • NPC formations, such as Corsair Captains and their allies, should path more smoothly relative to one another.
  • You can now loot individual items out of open crafting nodes without getting dismounted.
  • You can now use ó, as in Anórien in various search fields.
  • Fixed an issue where fishing rods were not visible while fishing if the main-hand equipment was hidden. Cosmetically hidden fishing rods should now become visible while fishing.
  • Items that can't be sold to vendors but have a monetary value no longer show their worth in examination tooltips.
  • Crafting tutorial quests Introduction to Weaponsmithy and Introduction to Woodworking now offer more crafted weapon options to fulfill the quest.
  • Horse-lord armour and jewellery recipes are now available from Hytbold barter vendors.
  • You are now able to barter Hytbold tokens for Wold, Norcrofts, Entwash Vale, or Sutcrofts rep by talking to Rinwald.
  • Non-unique special class quest items such as Ashen Gorthorog Horns will now stack up to 100.
  • Skirmish camp barter now offers tier 10 crafting items and level 100 essences instead of level 95.
  • Several instances that were not properly giving gear to Beornings have been fixed.
  • The end chests of many instances, including the Pelennor, Osgiliath, and Road to Erebor instances, now drop up to Tier 14 stat tomes.
  • Fixed various cosmetic problems around weapon glows.
  • Fixed a few minor UI problems in the Social/Fellowing/Open Fellowships tab.
  • Client load and memory usage should be reduced around Minas Tirith and greatly reduced in the Minas Tirith Epic Battles. This work is ongoing.
  • Minas Tirith - Teleport travel horses have been removed. As a measure to improve performance in the city.
  • Fixed various instances of T-Posing throughout the game.
  • Store - Opening the store should no longer cause client crashes
  • Store - After completing a PayPal transaction, the pop up window should now close.
Known Issues

The Dome of Stars instance has been closed due to a last minute issue found with one of the doors.



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Update 18 Hotfix Release Notes | пятница, 15 апреля

Here are the Release Notes for Update 18 Hotfix.
  • Blood of the Black Serpent and Quays of the Harlond challenge chests now drop the correct pieces of armour.
  • The Dome of Stars - The door to the Hall of the Osgiliath-stone should no longer close very quickly after defeating the Door-wardens
  • Blood of the Black Serpent – Players should now be able to return to the final arena if the group wipes on the adds after defeating the Princes of Harad
  • Osgiliath instance cluster bounty quests now function at level 105 instead of 100.
  • The Silent Street - Fixed an issue where Lintanar would not reset properly if engaged at range beyond the (closing) gate.
  • Beacon Hills quests: Perilous Parley, Recounting of Sons, Hobbling Homeward and Horse in the Forest now spawn enemies correctly even for many characters.



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Update 18 Hotfix 2 Release Notes | вторник, 3 мая
  • Various fixes to reduce the number of client crashes.
  • Keeper of Gifts Anniversary vendors will now barter various types of festival tokens for a box of festival tokens of your choice.
  • PvMP Osgiliath - Pesky Hendrevail - Hendrevail attack again!
  • Players who have purchased Instance: Halls of Night, but have not purchased the Angmar quest pack will now correctly received the Halls of Night Featured Instance quest when entering the instance at levels 100 - 105.



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Update 18.1 Release Notes | 16 мая

Release Notes:

Quests and landscape
  • An Uruk raiding party spotted in the Beacon-hills is searching for the Rohirrim!
  • The Ghûrdhos' numbers are now stronger in the eastern Druadain Forest where they have taken over a glade of Wose statues!
  • Elite monsters / bosses in Far Anorien may now drop Wose Carvings or Gondorian Polished Marbles rep barter items.
  • Increased Iron Coin count to all Westemnet warbands and added coins to Eorlingas and Helmingas tasks.
  • A swift horse has been added from Galtrev to Nan Curunir, for people who have completed "Bringing Hope to the Hopeless".
  • The defeat amounts for many of the landscape slayer deeds in Gondor have been lowered to more reasonable numbers.
  • The defeat amounts for many of the landscape slayer deeds in Rhovanion have been lowered to more reasonable numbers.
  • The defeat amounts for many of the landscape slayer deeds in Eriador have been lowered to more reasonable numbers.
  • Reminded Legolas of the proper way to hold his bow in IV.2.9, 'Even in Darkness'.
  • The Far Anorien Reflecting Pool has been moved to the milestone near Dru Bhuta, where it should be more convenient.
  • Fixed several small polish issues with the Sons of Ost Rimmon quest arc in the Beacon Hills. There is now a correct quest marker on the cellar in Bar Nadhron. Jarl Akhiz is also always properly scaled and always speaks in the correct voice. Gondrad will no longer hang around outside of Bar Nadhron when he shouldn't be.
  • Fixed the letter involved in 'A Message from Stangard' in the Wailing Hills so it'll appear at the right time.
  • Added a Bingo Reflecting Pool (called 'Bingo's Notes') to the bedside table in Boffin Manor. You'll need access to his home to use it (so Week 04 and after), and it'll let you replay all of the Bingo instances you've previously completed.
  • Added a Far Anórien Reflecting Pool to the south-eastern end of the Stonewain Valley. This Pool can be used to replay instances from Far Anórien, and also to replay the Epic instances from Books 5 and 6.
  • The fallen banner in IV.6.2, 'Death Comes for All,' is now more easily selectable.
  • Aragorn and Legolas had some confusion about what clothes to wear to Pelennor. They've sorted it all out now, and their Rohirric garb has been put back into storage.
  • There are now sparkling interactable objects for the Strange Tracks in IV.5.2, 'Ride Swift and Sure,' and they are much easier to see and to click on.
  • Added Steed XP rewards to quests where Bingo is in Rohan.
  • Adjusted some positioning of the characters involved in IV.6.7, 'A Final Vengeance'.
  • The hotspot for Bingo Week 38, 'The Tracker,' is now significantly larger, and Keen-eyed Lookouts have taken up residence in some of the towers; they might have seen something that will help guide you to the right location.
  • Forge-Master's Horn can now be used in the Osgiliath Culverts campsite.
  • Minas Tirith
    • A Wager: Rot in the Gut now correctly recognizes when you're standing on top of the barrel.
    • Landath will now keep his feet firmly planted on the ground regardless of quest state.
  • In the Beacon Hills
    • Some floating tools and horse tracks have come to ground.
    • An objective for the Tomb at Halifirien will no longer show "Completed" when you wander from the tomb.
    • Fixed Togbor's and Lacheg's appearances in spots where they weren't right.
    • A helm for the straw men in Ost Rimmon was fished out of the forge slag and placed neatly on a nearby bench.
    • Now Sithgar will remain in Ost Rimmon to talk to you if you try to complete A Gift Gone Astray out of order (i.e. you've already helped Sithgar in Ost Rimmon).
Combat and Classes
  • The Guardian trait Thrill of Battle now has an internal cooldown of 20 seconds.
  • The Guardian trait Radiate now only spreads marks and bleeds 30% of the time.
  • Anórien Burglar signals have been significantly improved. They now grant more stats, and they give a new stat: Avoidance Penetration. This stat effectively bypasses part of the enemy's Block, Parry, and Evade ratings.
  • Hunter and Warden travel skills have been added to the Riders of Rohan rep barter in Far Anorien.
Instances and Skirmishes
  • You can now swap your unwanted Featured Instance class gear (including gear for other classes) to get gear for your class from the same instance. For example: If a Minstrel gets a Beorning chest piece from the Ost Dunhoth challenge chest, then can trade in that chest piece with some Long-lost Coins to get the Minstrel boots that drop from Ost Dunhoth. Since Sammath Gûl also drops the chest piece, that Minstrel can exchange the chest piece for the Minstrel gloves that drop from Sammath Gûl.
  • You can now swap your unwanted Pelennor Instance class gear (including gear for other classes) to get gear for your class from the same instance.
  • Skirmish - Survival: Barrow Downs - Beornings can now contribute to the Strength in Diversity deeds.
  • Blood of the Black Serpent - If Jarl Dauthar travels too close to the entrance of his arena, he will now reset instead of being stuck behind an invisible wall upon retreat.
  • Blood of the Black Serpent - The Princes should no longer be individually lootable.
  • Silent Street - If the Gloom of Nurn travels too close to the smoke barrier, he will now reset instead of being stuck behind the wall upon retreat.
  • Blood of the Black Serpent - The deed for completing the Challenge should now properly complete when you finish the Challenge quest.
  • The Quays of the Harlond - fixed issue where the Mumak fight sometimes gets stuck in drama.
  • Ruined City: several glitches that might let you escape the clutches of Jukotor and Thrug have been closed up.
  • Featured Instance challenge chest armour drops should now match the armour pieces that are awarded by the coloured boxes given by that featured instance.
  • The Hooded Cloak of Many Worlds now has its proper name again.
  • Hobnanigans - fixed issue where sometimes players will not reward extra tokens for winning a Hobnanigans game.
  • Scaling legendary items will no longer have a minimum level over level 100.
  • New Rohirric housing items have appeared at the Riders of Rohan rep bater in Far Anorien -- must be Kindred to buy them.
  • Relic / forge masters have been placed in elf, dwarf, and human housing neighbourhoods. The hobbit neighbourhood forge-masters are not yet available, as they are still finishing elevenses.
  • Hobby-horse - You can now ride your hobby-horse in Dol Amroth and Minas Tirth in Gondor / the speed and durability of the hobby-horse has been lessened.
Known Issue:
Wardrobe - Items using only newer dyes will not display in the wardrobe unless you filter by colour. This affects the following dyes: Belegaer Blue Dye, Bullroarer's Green Dye, Dark Clay Dye, Dark Mossy Green Dye, Imladris Fallen Leaf Dye, Lavender Dye, Moria Silver Dye, Lórien Gold Dye, Rohan Green Dye, Shire Peach Dye, Shire-plum Dye, Sunset Orange Dye, Deep Purple Dye, Ashenslades Green Dye.



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18.2 Release Notes | 5 июля

New Raid: Throne of the Dread Terror
The Enemy's grip tightens on the defenders of Gondor as Gothmog seizes control of the armies of Mordor. Marching from the gates of Osgiliath, foes pour into the Pelennor Fields with a renewed vigour. In the wake of the Witch-king's defeat, vile sorcery looms over the field as the most powerful allies of the Dread Terror are summoned forth. If Gothmog spoke true of the fate he shares with Golodir, can victory yet be found?

Level 105 characters can use the Instance Finder Specific tab to access our new 12-person Raid: Throne of the Dread Terror. This raid is only available to capped characters and can be run at tier 1 or tier 2 difficulty. On tier 1, this raid has no raid locks. On tier 2, raid locks will be applied to your group with every boss defeat.

Legendary Items
Imbued legacy tiers have been extended by 15 levels (10 for the main legacy (dps/healing)). Legacies will have 5 new tiers unlocked by default, and 10 that can be unlocked with scrolls of empowerment. The main legacy will have 5 new tiers unlocked by default, and 5 tiers that can be unlocked with star-lit crystals.

  • Guardian Radiate bleeds should do the correct amount of damage.
  • Hedge Your Bet can now be used while silenced
  • The Armour of the Lady's Courage 4 piece Captain set bonus now correctly gives 20% lowered cooldowns on defeat event skills.
  • All Minstrels gain Rally! at level 45 with a cooldown of 12.5 minutes.
    • The Blue-line trait brings that cooldown back down to its original 7min 30s.
  • Minstrels will have all their class trait points reset at login.
  • The Burglar deed Resistance is Futile now advances when you hit with Riddle or Trick Removal skills, rather than when those skills are resisted.
  • Characters of level 95 and above can no longer gain Inspired Greatness.
  • The three balance effects that increase the power of all Tier 2 instance mobs are now visible. These effects have always existed, but they have been invisible until now.
  • The Silent Street - Redeemer of the Cursed Line - You will no longer fail the Silent Street challenge (or complete it without getting the chest) if your party wipes before the Gloom summons Earnil and Mardil. However, once you engage them for the first time, the challenge will fail if you do not complete it on that attempt.
  • Featured Instances - Ost Elendil has been replaced by Dungeons of Dol Guldur, Inn of the Forsaken has been replaced by Stoneheight, and Ost Dunhoth Wound & Fear has been replaced by Helegrod Drake Wing.
  • Featured Instance armour and jewellery have been removed from Featured Instance challenge chests.
  • You can now barter Long-lost Coins for Featured Instance Jewellery.
  • Instance - Dungeons of Dol Guldur: the elven prisoners now have more health.
  • If you are defeated in the instance Forges of Isengard, you will now teleport back to the beginning of the instance.
Quests and Landscape:
  • Norcrofts – The quest Wild Horses is fixed
  • Relic / forge masters have finally reported for duty in the Hobbit housing neighbourhood.
  • Fixed some pathing for NPCs on the Field of Onslaught.
  • Removed the leftover invisible Reflecting Pool in Minas Tirith Besieged, since it wasn't supposed to be there.
  • The stablemaster will once again allow you to travel from Bar Hurin.
  • Eriador has newly added frills. You can turn frills on and off in your advanced graphics options panel. This includes all kinds of ground-cover (grasses, reeds, wildflowers, etc).
  • VIPs can now access 20 more Wardrobe slots than non-VIPs (meaning they can get to a higher maximum.
  • Cosmetic pets will no longer put up with the stresses of Player vs. MonsterPlayer areas.
  • More housing hooks have been added to every type of house interior in Middle-earth. Players will now have more options for decorating!
Known Issues:
  • If you enter Throne of the Dread Terror with a raid leader that has raid locks, you will inherit the leader's raid locks. This is true, even in the tier 1 version of the raid. Additionally, if you have acquired Throne of the Dread Terror raid locks (from the tier 2 version of the raid or inherited from a raid leader), you will be unable to enter a tier 1 version of Throne of the Dread Terror with a fellowship leader that does not have these raid locks. Raid locks can be viewed in the Social panel - Group Stage Info tab, or can be listed using the "/raid locks" command. Please note that defeating bosses in the tier 1 version of the raid does not give you raid locks and the raid leaders raid locks will not prevent any bosses from appearing in the tier 1 version of the raid.
  • Throne of the Dread Terror – You should not retreat from the Breach of Terror while your allies carry on the fight. Engaging Gothmog again while allies are in the Breach of Terror may cause it to reset.
  • Throne of the Dread Terror - If you leave the raid and re-enter, you will sometimes have the challenge quests re-bestow even if you've just completed them
  • Minstrel - The Greater Trappings of the Vigilant Watcher 4 piece armour set bonus unlocks Perfect Ending at Snowball - Tier 5, but the skill becomes unavailable at Snowball – Tier 6 and 7.



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Update 18.2.1 Release Notes | 13 Июля

Here are the Release Notes for Update 18.2.1, released on Wednesday, July 13th.

Of Special Note:
Stable-masters Collection: The Stable-masters collection displays all Stable-masters you have discovered, and helps you find those you have yet to discover! Each Stable-master location provides travel options, available destinations, and a link to the game map. The Stable-master Collection makes getting around Lord of the Rings Online even easier!

New Quests: New quests have become available in After-battle Minas Tirith. Lend your aid to the battle’s aftermath for Defenders of Minas Tirith Reputation (with an expanded reputation barter list). New content will become available every two weeks. Your hero must be level 100, have Kindred Reputation with the faction, and have completed Chapter 8 of Book 6. The post-battle version of Minas Tirith can be reached the Threshold of the City in the Pelennor Battlefield and from pre-battle Minas Tirith.

News and Notes:

  • A Timely Rescue - The shadow-wolves now properly attack, and the instance is once again able to be completed.
  • A Trap for the Creature - Gollum now continues running.
  • The Wild Hunt - Gwenaewen's Spirit - The third lith now properly advances the quest.
  • The Word of a Healer - This instance now advances properly.
  • You must now have enough free backpack space for all items that can be redeemed from a single package before you can open the package.
  • Far Anorien - Wose carvings can now be exchanged for Gondorian marbles, and Gondorian marbles can now be exchanged for Wose carvings.
  • The Collections panel now opens to your last visited tab.

Known Issues:
  • Byre Tor (Wildermore) is labeled as "Walstow" in the Stable-master Collection UI.
  • Discovering the travel NPC at Wulf's Cleft does not discover the location in the Stable-master Collection UI.
  • Dunland - Pren Gwydh - A tree blocking a bridge has made the quest Beasts for Steeds more difficult to complete. The tree can be jumped over with some maneuvering.



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18.2.2 Release Notes | 18 июля

News and Notes
  • Ambient house music no longer stacks on top of itself.
  • The Ruined City - Fixed an issue that could cause players to be unable to enter the final boss room.
  • Adjusted some "frills" including tall grass and trees.
  • Chopped down a tree that was blocking the bridge near the warg-pens in Pren Gwydh (Dunland).
Stable-master Collection:
  • Fixed an issue that prevented travel and show map buttons from working correctly.
  • Fixed Area and Region labels.
  • The Stable-master map button is now shown in interior spaces.
  • Wulf's Cleft Overlook can now be discovered.
  • Byre Tor is no longer labeled as Walstow.



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18.2.3 Release Notes | 27 июля
News and Notes:
  • The Stable-master link from the main map page is now hidden when in Session and Monster Play, and for new characters.
  • You can no longer purchase Mithril travel from the Stable-master Collections UI within a private encounter, during Session or Monster play, or during combat.
  • Summer Festival
    • The Great Mathom Fishing Swap is now mutually-exclusive with The Fishing-hole. Only while the mathom fishing timer is actually ticking down will you receive Mathoms or weeds when fishing. This quest now also awards a Summer Festival Token.
    • Fountain emote and Hobbit dance 4 emote granting items now Bind to Account when acquired.
  • The house at 1 Stonemirk Street once again has its housing hooks.
  • The Clover Table housing decoration has regained its correct appearance.
Quests and Adventure Areas:
  • Post-Pelennor Minas Tirith now has mailboxes.
  • Post-Pelennor Houses of healing no longer have a door that sends you back to earlier Minas Tirith.
  • The Defenders of Minas Tirith Quartermaster now offers cosmetic weapons in exchange for Minas Tirith Silver Pieces.
  • Throne of the Dread Terror:
    • Mumakil:
      • Mumakil now drops four groups of Haradrim each instead of five.
      • Mumakil auto-attacks have had their potency increased.
    • Unbroken One:
      • The timer of the Fury of the Unbroken (hard Enrage) has been increased to 900 seconds (15 minutes), up from 720 seconds (12 minutes).
      • The health increase of the three sub-boss Broken has been reduced to x2.5 from x3. Their full-corrupted health is now roughly 12 million, 12 million, and 7.5 million.)
      • The potency of the Ancient Defence aura has been increased as it is a corruption, and is removable.
      • Devouring Darklings have had their health reduced by half.
      • Oozing Darklings have had their health reduced slightly.
      • Black Numenorean Binders will no longer continue to spawn after wiping on the Unbroken One.
    • Nazgul:
      • The incoming damage debuffs on the Nazgul now properly apply to their listed damage types.
    • Gothmog:
      • The Carn Dûm segment of the Breach of Terror has been altered to be smoother and faster.
      • Lorniel now applies a harsh damage over time to Golodir if she reaches him.
      • Challenge: The Returned King now requires you to escape the Breach of Terror in under 20 minutes.
  • The Disable Combat Music option now consistently disables combat music.
  • The Steed of the White City and Battle-worn Steed of the White City now move faster and endure longer; they have their proper 250 Morale and +68% speed.

Known Issues:
  • Items on the newly restored housing hooks at 1 Stonemirk Street are temporarily not present and inaccessible. We will correct this issue in a future patch.



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18.2.4 Release Notes | 23 августа
News and Notes:

  • Helegrod Drake Wing's non-cap quest now completes for cap-level characters.
  • Bert Bartleby's backpack no longer looks misshapen when worn with a Rune-satchel.
  • The Barbed Blade of Rhûn, Greatsword of the Citadel, and War-axe of Khand that are available by barter from the Defenders of Minas Tirith Quartermaster now bind on acquire.
  • Housing items are now returned to storage if their housing hook cannot be found.
  • Grant Hobbit Dance 4 and Grant the Fountain Emote items from the Summer Festival no longer automatically consume when acquired.
Quests and Regions
  • Entering 3 Stonemirk Street in Dwarf housing neighborhoods no longer places you inside of 1 Stonemirk Street.
  • A Mustering Horn has been added to Minas Tirith (After Battle).
  • Runekeeper's Essay of Exaltation now targets up to 15 players to prevent possible crashes.
  • The Defenders of Minas Tirish Quartermaster now offers Return to, Guide to, and Muster in after-battle Minas Tirith skills for those of Friend standing or above.